Made in Italy

Designed by athletes for athletes,
combining passion for sports
and fine workmanship.
Davide Pojer, CEO & Founder
against scarpa da canottaggio caratteristiche tecniche


Conceived, designed, produced and tested in Italy by Against.
Often it's not the easiest way, but it is important to us that it stays this way...
We strive to be pioneers of development and hope to inspire people, to bring a new breath of fresh air, passion... The same passion we put in our products.

In most cultures, wild boars are considered sacred animals and are the symbol of fertility, courage, strength and fearlessness, but also stubbornness, war and chaos.
The wild boar symbol featured on warriors' helmets and on Celtic coins and no less than three Roman legions adopted it to represent strength and bravery in battle.
The choice of a wild boar on the AGAINST logo symbolises strength and determination to win in the sports world, to which the brand's products are dedicated.

AGAINST means "in opposition to", as in sailing against the wind, for example. Broadly speaking, it represents the resolve to fight adversity, in this case, with the strength and determination of a wild boar.

Against is totally made in Italy

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