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Quality made in Italy

Ghost It is entirely produced in Italy. The CNC process allow to produce high-precision components machined from a solid slab of ERGAL,the same aluminum alloy used in aeronautics, combining ultra-lightweight material at high mechanical strength

Innovation in 9 mm

“Semplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

Over 300 Kg seal for each unit verified through the dynamometer in only 9mm. thick

Invisible innovation

Designed for easy installation and use, imperceptible to the rower due to its small size. Hi-tech materials and accurate numerical control machining have reduced its weight ensuring high resistance. Ghost is produced in various widths to adapt to almost all boats on the market without any special interventions or additional costs.

Ghost allows you to use your own shoes in the correct size improving boat comfort, confidence and hygiene. An opportunity offered to clubs to increase and maximize the efficiency of their athletes enabling them to win.

Maximum flexibility in adapting the boat to the athlete.

Fast and easy shoe replacement.

Ensures perfect sealing and no noise.

Adaptable to almost all boats.

Designed for Against shoes, compatible with most rowing footwear.


Technical details

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Ghost tech details dimension 247 mm plate
Ghost tech details dimension 267 mm plate