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power tnut

Power T-Nut

Power T-nut is an innovative system designed by Against to replace the T-nuts when necessary.

Specifically designed to be inserted in the Against insole, they are produced one by one. They feature stainless steel and thanks to their special configuration they ensure high resistance, long duration and also high resistance to saltwater corrosion.

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suola spine


This sole, specifically designed by Against, reflects the complex structure of our spine. It is developed in Nylon and is highly resistant to both twisting and flexing; it ensures stability and containment during the propulsion phase, increasing grip and control. These characteristics are also important for the use of the rudder.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

suola calzatura
Sottopiede anatomico

Ergonomic insole

Thermoformed ergonomic insole for better foot comfort.

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Internal lining with 100% hydrophilic treatment for maximum transpiration, to always feel fresh and dry.

Thanks to its technical features, it is also antibacterial and antimicrobial..

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Welded Velcro

Welded Velcro

High frequency welded Velcro straps for improved resistance to opening cycles and stainless steel loops.

power tnut

Breathable fabric

Breathable Nylon fabric, highly resistant to abrasion even in the most extreme and difficult conditions of use. Its use in combination with the internal lining guarantees the total breathability of the shoe.

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